6.30.2013: INVASION OF ROCHESTER by Math Warriors commences July 22 at AMTNYS Conference! RADICAL!

6.15.2013: MATH WARRIORS will screen at the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State Conference in July. Rochester, look out! The MATH WARRIORS are invading!

5.12.2013: SEASON FINALE of Math Warriors: "Prime Suspects" has been posted!

5.1.2013: AUDITIONS for Math Warriors, Season 4! Send headshots and resumes to mathwarriorswebseries at gmail

4.29.2013: Check out Episode 7 of MATH WARRIORS, Season 3: ...... Only one more episode left this season!!!!!

4.15.2013: Check out Episode 6 of MATH WARRIORS, Season 3:

4.1.2013: Check out Episode 5 of MATH WARRIORS, Season 3:

3.18.2013: Check out Episode 4 of MATH WARRIORS, Season 3:

3.4.2013: Check out Episode 3 of MATH WARRIORS, Season 3:

MATH WARRIORS wins "Best Narrative Short/Webisode" at the Winnipeg Film Festival 2013.
***TWO YEARS IN A ROW for Director Kristina Harris!!!! RADICAL!!!***

2.11.2013: Check out Episode 2 of MATH WARRIORS, Season 3:

1.28.2013: MATH WARRIORS, Season 3 premiere party! CHECK OUT OUR FIRST Season 3 EPISODE:


WINNER Best Narrative Short, Winnipeg Film Festival 2012
WINNER Diamond Award, California Film Awards 2011
WINNER, Platinum Award, Oregon Film Awards 2012
WINNER, Director's Choice Award, San Diego Christian Film Festival 2012
WINNER, Merit Award, Best Shorts Competition 2012
WINNER, Certificate of Merit, Rochester International Film Festival 2012
Official Selection -Manhattan Film Festival 2012
Official Selection- New Filmmakers Fall Festival NYC 2012
Official Selection - Faith Film Festival 2012

1.17.2013: Only 6 more days to contribute to our Kickstarter campaign! Please spread the word:

1.17.2013: MATH WARRIORS SEASON 3 trailer is up. Click Reels on this site or check out Kickstarter:

1.15.2013: MATH WARRIORS featured on Kickstarter Conversations blog!

1.11.2013: Final day of MATH WARRIORS Season 3 shoot! THANK YOU to all the wonderful actors and crew for all your hard work!

1.10.2013: The Eagle has landed..... overseas.

1.09.2013: Preparing to travel overseas with the Funky Functions....

1.08.2013: Feng is back in full force! Go Funky Functions....!

1.07.2013: Season 3 Funky Functions scenes today....

1.05.2013: Will Felicia convert to a pageant girl? PAGEANT COMMITTEE scenes shot today!

1.04.2013: Season 3 with some AWESOME actors today....

1.03.2013: Fantastic day of pre-production for our MATH WARRIORS SHOOT over the next week!

12.11.2012: Awesome interview about MATH WARRIORS with's "Loud Idiots"! Thanks Jilleen and Greg for joining me!

12.5.2012: MATH WARRIORS Season 3 NYC Auditions!

11.11.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS wins a Director's Choice Award at the San Diego Film Festival!

11.10.2012: Off to San Diego for the San Diego Christian Film Festival... GO DIMINISHED CHORDS!

10.8.2012: MATH WARRIORS Season 2 Finale -- on Youtube and -- Prime-ordial Soup.....

10.2.2012: Awesome MATH WARRIORS interview on!


10.1.2012: MATH WARRIORS SEASON 2, Episode 6: Unique Prime.... on

9.17.2012: MATH WARRIORS SEASON 2, Episode 5: Pseudoprime -- on Youtube.... CHECK IT OUT!

9.10.2012: MATH WARRIORS SEASON 2, Episode 4: Twin Primes on Youtube!

9.3.2012: Happy Labor Day!

8.27.2012: MATH WARRIORS SEASON 2 Episode 3 - Invertible Prime....CHECK IT OUT!

8.20.2012: MATH WARRIORS SEASON 2 Episode 2 - Holey Primes!

8.13.2012: MATH WARRIORS SEASON 2 Premiere! Deletable Prime on Youtube....

8.5.2012: MATH WARRIORS SEASON 2 will premiere on MONDAY, AUGUST 13..... Get ready for some serious mathe-radical battles!

8.3.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS was selected to screen in the Fall NewFilmmakers New York Series at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC.... DATE TBA!

7.30.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS was accepted as an official selection in the Faith Film Festival!

6.28.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS screened to a full house tonight at the Manhattan Film Festival! THANK YOU everyone for your support!

6.21.2012: PRESS PARTY at Manhattan Film Festival!

6.12.2012: MATH WARRIORS Season 1 screened for teachers at Math for America Headquarters in NYC! Guest speaker: ME!!! So fun to meet such wonderful teachers....

5.28.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS will screen on Thursday, June 28 at 7pm in the Manhattan Film Festival!

5.16.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS announced as an OFFICIAL SELECTION at the Manhattan Film Festival!

5.14.2012: MATH WARRIORS, Season 2 Shoot went wonderfully. Thank you everyone for all the laughs!

5.4.2012: AUDITIONS for MATH WARRIORS, Season 2

4.19.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS won the Certificate of Merit at the Rochester International Film Festival!

4.19.2012: MATH WARRIORS SEASON FINALE! Episode 5: "Prime Payoff" is on Youtube & BlipTV!

4.5.2012: MATH WARRIORS Episode 4: "A Prime Prayer" is on Youtube & BlipTV!

3.29.2012: MATH WARRIORS Episode 3: "Operation Prime" is on Youtube & BlipTV!

3.22.2012: MATH WARRIORS Episode 2: "Prime-al Fear" is on YouTube & BlipTV!

3.15.2012: MATH WARRIORS: The Webseries premiere is TODAY. CLICK ON REELS and watch the first episode - Episode 1: "Prime-mates"

3.7.2012: MATH WARRIORS: The Webseries premiere is NEXT WEEK! Love, betrayal... and calculus. Need we say more?

2.27.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS WON BEST NARRATIVE SHORT at the Winnipeg Film Festival.

2.27.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS was screened AGAIN on a HUGE screen at the Winnipeg Film Festival.

2.26.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS was screened on a HUGE screen at the Winnipeg Film Festival.

1.28.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS won a Diamond Award at the California Film Awards in San Diego! Enjoyed the gala and met lots of great people!

1.25.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS trailer is up on the Winnipeg Film Festival website:

1.15.2012: DIMINISHED CHORDS was admitted to the Winnipeg Film Festival! February 21-26!

12.22.2011: DIMINISHED CHORDS won a Diamond Award at the California Film Awards! I will be accepting an AWARD in San Diego on January 28!

12.5.2011: Callback for Nickelodeon!

11.5.2011: Awesome audition for LEGO commercial!

9.20.2011: Math Warriors footage has been logged and is in the process of being edited. Check out Facebook for a few previews!

Join our FACEBOOK PAGE: Math Warriors The Webseries for more updates and to view VIDEO PREVIEWS of the series...

Math Warriors: The Webseries shoot concluded today. THANK YOU to all the wonderful cast and crew members. Episodes will be posted online soon....

AUDITIONS FOR Math Warriors: The Web Series
Seeking math nerd types for new web series to be shot in August. Contact me if interested....!

NYU Tisch School of the Arts
721 Broadway, Room 109 at 7pm OR 8pm.
Running time is 30 minutes
**EMAIL ME TO RSVP if you'd like to come join the cast, crew, and friends at this debut screening!

5.02.11: DIMINISHED CHORDS TRAILER IS UP! Click on REELS to view the trailer....

3.06.11: Kristina is SINGING AT THE DUPLEX!!! 9:30pm.

Tickets are $15 ($10 for SAG or AEA members), plus 2 drink minimum. Come hear me sing! I'd love to see you there! Contact me and I can reserve a ticket for you...

2.25.11: Awesome ADR session on the short film Diminished Chords... We're in the home stretch!

10.16.10: Kristina got married to Kellen!

09.10.10: Diminished Chords is in final stages of post-production! Keep coming back to watch for the trailer....

09.01.10: Site launched